Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Everyone knows what withdrawal is and it comes in many forms. I focused on my classes so I can make it through the semester like a good girl. A few days ago I realized I actually had the time to take a bubble bath. Holy Cow, that doesn’t happen much. I had a stack of about 20 magazines or so that have just stared at me for months.  After simmering a good hour in the tub and reading a dozen hunting magazines, I had the fever. Good Lord I wanted to go hunting, and I didn’t care if I smelled like roses or not! I vowed that I was going to go hunting the next day.
That night I had a random dream I was married to a pro, we had a tv show,  and all we did was hunt EVERYTHING! My only comment was whoa that was cool. If that wasn’t a withdrawal inflicted dream I don’t know what is.

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