My name is Shanna Russell and I am from a small town in Arkansas.

My favorite activities are hanging out with my family, fishing, hunting, campfires, going to the lake, walking the trails (especially making my own trails), playing with my dogs and beer and game night with my hubby.
           Winter wonderland

     Cave entrance, no lighted pathways just exploring

I graduated from HSU. What a time it has been!! I mean a LOOONG time but it has been an adventure. I was fortunate enough to travel in school and do a little research while exploring. I traveled to Belize, Guatemala, and Panama (the country, not the party city in Florida)
On top of a Tikal Myan pyramid in Guatemala

Our boat captain was also the owner of the eating hut..small world? nope small island. Love my people from Belize!

“Baggage claim” No joke this is Island style 

Believe it or not, this was the work I was down there to do.

I love adventures and trying new things. I never let anyone tell me I can’t do something because I am a girl!!!! I don’t want to be “Girl Power” and all that crap I just simply want to feel included from the get-go.

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