Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guns a Blazing

I'm a southern girl, and I like my guns. I know there are a lot of people out there who are against it. I just hate how those that are uneducated about gun ownership assume those of us that do just "sling 'em around and let our kids use them as rattles". My five year old has a pellet gun and is constantly reminded that it is not a toy but a tool. She actually gets to use it and hold it with us supervising to correct improper handling. I believe this keeps the curiosity away because she isn't kept from it but it has to be put away if company is over. 
With this being said, my gun is next to my bed. Since the day my daughter was born, the need for security and the feeling that we are protected became very strong. 
I saw on the news this morning that a mother, in Oklahoma, who had just lost her husband to cancer, felt threatened. She trusted her instincts that someone was stalking her, so she prepared herself. When the men broke into her home she called for help. Not much can be done over the phone to stop the bad guys when they come in your house and she knew this. Armed with a gun in each hand, she protected her baby. One man was killed and the other turned himself in. Today, she is my hero. I tell myself that if that happens to me I would do the same thing, and I hope if it ever came to that, I would have the courage to do what she did.
Bad dudes out there, you need to know that if you come in my house I will be ready with guns a blazin!!
God Bless America!

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