Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's Cuddle

I was always my mother’s assistant hunter growing up. But because she needed me to listen for her I never got the chance to do it on my own. My family is a little selfish with sharing guns or possibly letting one get away so as I got older I just stayed home or hung out at the camp. See my birthday unfortunately is November 14.  As many of you might guess, it sucks having a birthday on opening day of gun season unless you are the one hunting. My husband actually thinks I am cool enough to hang out with him on what is known as guy activities. He got me into hunting again, plus golfing which I never thought I would enjoy. I love that he likes to share these things with me instead of separating it and us. Lucky for us we actually get along great together, it takes lots and lots of patience.
The greatest thing about bow hunting is that you have way more days to hunt than you do with a gun. Once I got a chance to hunt, my husband bought me a blind and set it up for me while I was at school. The next morning I was told where to go and to take the 22 for backup.  I finally made it to the blind after walking through unknown territory in the pitch black. I spooked several sleeping critters while finding my way but I believe I was way more spooked than they were. When daylight approached I noticed some movement.  The coyotes are really bad in this area, so bad that I didn’t dare take a snack with me, even though I needed the boost.
I spotted a doe and she came right to my food plot.  She was too small but I knew if she was moving more was coming. I quickly glanced down to make sure my bow was good to go and when I looked back up that dang coyote  had her head IN MY TENT!!!! I know that hunting brings that thrill of adrenaline but this is NOT the experience I expected to make me eat my heart. Thank you Colt for making me take that rifle.  The pure talent that can be manifested when you are scared out of your mind is an amazing thing. If you had asked me to shoot a can on a log one handed with that gun, it might had taken a few trys. I reached for the gun pinkied the safety, gave a slight tilt and shot. When it was done I just closed my eyes and texted my husband in big caps….TOMORROW I GET THE CLIMBER AND YOU CUDDLE WITH THE COYOTES.

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