Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Beginning

I love adventures and challenges. Who doesn’t? Once upon a time I told myself I would never write a blog. I said to myself, “Who has time for that?” and now here I am.  It was suggested that to start a blog pick a subject or something you are interested in. Make it something you are passionate for because  you will get bored of keeping a page about the same thing if you don’t love it.  If you just write about yourself you will just find out how many people  are too opinionated. Well, I love  a lot of things. This took some thought. I took a break from brain storming and went outside for a minute. I just stood there thinking, wow for December it sure is warm and pretty. We could be getting the fishing boat running, or take a few golf swings. Then it hit me……YOU LOVE OUTDOORS!!! It is a perfect discussion because it doesn’t get boring, it changes constantly because it is what I do to escape the boring things. This got my mind racing with ideas and conversations I have with my husband about how hard it is to find “Girl themed” stuff. I love to hunt and there are few brands or gear designed for women when compared to the mass of items available for men. I am not a Girly-Girl, just girl enough that having something made for me makes me feel special. Fishing for instance, you can find a pink cheapo pole, but you won’t find a Shimano for women, and if there is cute fishing apparel for women it is hard to find. I end up getting a mans small and cutting the sides out to wear as a bathing suit cover. I was thrilled to death when my husband bought me a Hoyt Trykon for my birthday and it was customized 1) to fit me (obviously) and 2) PINK accesories!!! This truly spoke to me saying this is MINE, no one else, it is definitely a Shanna bow.
I like pink, I do, mainly because it largely represents girls. Where I am from a girl sees a jacked up truck and says damn that’s sexy, regardless of seeing the driver. If a guy sees a jacked up truck and it has  a pink logo on the window, they turn the truck around to see what the girl looks like. Having things that are customize-able will make you feel confident and perform better. I think guys can relate to this on some level.
My main objective for this site is to show a side of myself that is much like others. I want this to be a place not just for myself, but for anyone who can give  pointers, talk about their adventures and outdoors experiences.  I guarantee I will say or do something stupid and at that point I hope someone else can say “Ha you dork!”, or “Been there done that, let me give you some advice.”

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