Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fowl Mood

I saw on the news today that duck hunters aren’t having much luck. The weather here should be in the 40-50 range and instead it is reaching the 60 mark. This is bad news for those that actually were able to hunt this year.
See, like women do, I complained to my husband that leaving our waders and decoys in an open shed at our house was just not smart. We live on a corner lot and it makes me feel really exposed. We have had a numerous amount of things stolen, until I got smart and paraded my dogs in the yard. We have far less straglers in the neighborhood now. Without adequate storage we took our clutter to a storage unit across the street from the local PD I might add. Within the month of having it there, all of the storage units got hit hard and what did they take from ours?
They LEFT my great grandmothers antiques, a baby bed worth 700, tons of decorations that would easily sale for hundreds online, and an ugly lime green 1990 trapper keeper full of old baseball cards.
What they TOOK was both waders, all of our fishing poles and tackle boxes, our duck decoys, three mountain bikes and my lawn chairs. Now seeing how in our town you see most of the people that do the same things that you do, I always have my eye open for our treasures. I mean come on you could have taken a lot of stuff in there and it looks like these fellas were on their way to camp. Hellur I will find you. Until then I will just stay in a “fowl mood”.

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