Monday, March 19, 2012

An Experiment

       My daughter loves science as much as I do. I love that instead of toys she likes the things that teach her about what's around her. Last year on vacation she found a Preying Mantis kit in a book store and begged us to buy it. When in season, the company sent us a nest to place in the hut. A few weeks went by and with the first sign of spring they hatched! They kept coming out! We read the booklet again and it said the nest could have up to 400 eggs at a time! They sounded like rain hitting the top of a tent as they plummeted out of the nest and onto the floor of the hut. We took them outside and released them into the flower gardens so that they can be our little garden fairies. It was so much fun and exciting to see how many creatures could come out of such a small place.
                                                                          The nest
                                                                     So many babies!
I guess we will be ordering another batch soon. If Harli has anything to do with it, we will be ordering a lot more, the magazine is already circled front to back!

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